What is Soulbreath? Interview with Erno van Doesselaar

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What is Soubreath? An interview with Erno van Doesselaar
In this interview Erno van Doesselaar gives answers to questions that he has been getting over the years about Soulbreath, or in other words, consciously breathing with your soul. Erno shares about his own experiences with breathing and connecting with his soul and about what could be a good starting point for beginners.

Did you get curious to start experiencing this Soulbreath breathing?
One of the most direct and easy ways to do this is to have a Soulbreath & Integration session with Erno van Doesselaar. During this session you will connect to your Soulbreath and get deeper into the embodiment of it, so you can continue to experience your own Soulbreath at home. Besides that there is a potential to let go of past stories and allow them to integrate. You can book your Soulbreath session with Erno here. 

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