In this time it is essential to:

Breathe consciously
Eat consciously
Move consciously
Love consciously

At Soulbreath we combine this in our classes,
workshops, retreats, teacher trainings
and private sessions
through our passion, love and joy!

About us

Erno van Doesselaar and Kata van Doesselaar ( Szenasi ) are two beautiful souls who have united their passion for conscious living through breathing ( soulbreath ) and movement ( Yoga ) into their company called Soulbreath. Together they have developed a unique way of teaching and presenting where consciously connecting to our body, mind, heart and soul is united. Soulbreath presents a wide variety in Yoga classes such as Core Flow Yoga, Hot Yoga (Bikram style), Vinyasa Flow (Prana Flow Style), Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga and Yin Yoga. Besides movement the nurturing of our body is also essential for our well-being. Soulbreath provides high quality essential oils with therapeutical grade of Young Living in their massages and treatments. And to provide a deep nurturing experience for pregnant women, pregnancy massage on a special pregnancy massage table is available.
The Soulbreath breathing, reconnecting to the healing power of our conscious breath, is being taught in workshops, private sessions and teacher trainings. View More in our Video Interview  ››

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A variety of our participants who have shared their experiences:

  • " Dear Kata, I enjoyed the last week's class very much, you guide us through the poses with so much patience and such beautiful explanation about what we might feel and the music is just carrying us further to explore the possibilities of our bodies. I am really grateful that I can participate in your classes".

    Z. M. February 2015
  • "Dear Erno, I just wanted to share with you that yesterday's soulbreath session has brought me so much! I am fully present in my life again and feel different. I am full of inspiration, enthusiasm, energy and curiosity. So, I am ready for new creations that come from joy! My deep gratitude for this, you truly do a fantastic job."

    A. October 2014
  • "Well, these have been very uplifting and meaningful days! This course gave me a deeper experience, more feelings and opening to who I really am. And then to feel how Maestro was with me that was a wonderful experience and gave me such a deep feeling of inner peace. I have a deeper relationship with him now and somehow I can easily feel his presence and also perceive his answers when we communicate. I realized a lot of things, which is still ongoing but I think this is already good as it is!!!"

     N.I. October 2014