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  • "I thought that this Yin Yoga teacher training is going to be like all the other yoga trainings, we learn some new asanas, alignment, etc..but this goes way beyond that! These are just the first 3 days that we experienced together, but it goes so deep, it brings so many realisations, I learn so much about who I am, and how I am, it really feels like a psychological therapy 🙂 Very enriching and empowering".

    P.K. November 2014
  • "Dear Erno, I just wanted to share with you that yesterday's soulbreath session has brought me so much! I am fully present in my life again and feel different. I am full of inspiration, enthusiasm, energy and curiosity. So, I am ready for new creations that come from joy! My deep gratitude for this, you truly do a fantastic job."

    A. October 2014
  • "The past three weeks have brought me an incredible opening, learning and discovery and even better, it went a lot easier and more enjoyable than ever before. I seriously feel like I'm not the same person as I was before, and I did not even have to force myself to do so. :)))

    K. SZ. November 2014
  • "thank you so so so much for the prenatal class last friday! For the first time in months, I didn't had ANY pain in my lower back nor in my pelvis area for the whole weekend!" These makes my heart sing!"

    L.X. March 2015
  • " Dear Kata, I enjoyed the last week's class very much, you guide us through the poses with so much patience and such beautiful explanation about what we might feel and the music is just carrying us further to explore the possibilities of our bodies. I am really grateful that I can participate in your classes".

    Z. M. February 2015
  • "It was soo energiz¡ng! I felt with so high energy that I couldn´t sleep till 2:00 am! I was really happy until I got asleep =) The next day I felt also energized, so I'm really looking forward to continue with bikram yoga asap, I really enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for being so professional with the class, you really got me concentrated into my breathing, my moves and I start listening to my body. See you soon Yogi"

    V. G. August
  • "Last Friday I have received the best massage ever from Kata, the combination of her healing hands and the wonderful oil did a little miracle for me. After suffering from sudden & severe back pain for a week, despite a couple of visits to my physio, which still couldnt really shift my problem, I decided to take a massage from Kata. As I really needed to feel better, and being able to walk normally again, because in just 2d ays I had to leave for an important trip abroad. I was so happy that after our session my pain was gone, and it didnt came back anymore! Kata has a gift, it's worth to try.”

    Z.M. August