Soulbreath  & Integration Session with Erno van Doesselaar

Since 10 years Erno Doesselaar provides international consultations about making a connection with the soul, finding your soul breathing, learning to understand the language of your soul (soul communication) and the integration of all this into our daily lives. About 20 years ago he consciously came into contact with his soul, after a near-death experience. From that moment, he wrote diaries filled with the conversations he had with his soul and this is how a deep trust started to emerge between him and his soul. That confidence helped him to become more receptive and truly receive the unconditional love of his soul in his life. This is how he discovered his Soulbreath and the enormous power of it.
He realised again and that for him this was the key to be fully present in his body and really feel at home in himself.

During this period, Erno has also attended several teacher training courses for spiritual consulting, to become an internationally certified Breath Teacher. It’s Erno’s biggest passion to inspire others with the life experience he has gained with his soul and to let them get in touch with their own soulbreath and their own inner strength and wisdom.

Click here for a beautiful Interview with Erno about: What is Soulbreath? Where does it come from? What is conscious breathing?

The contents of a session
Erno offers this Soulbreath & Integration session for anyone who wants to receive love for themselves again and who wants to get into a deeper connection with themselves. This session includes a Soulbreath breathing session in which you discover your own Soulbreath and learn to integrate this into your daily life. Erno works during these sessions with his soul communication, healing and Mindfulness to help to release possible blockages in a simple way.

Booking your session
A Soulbreath  & Integration session usually lasts 90 minutes, but at request this can also be 120 minutes. The  fee for a 90-minutes session is € 70, = and for 120 minutes this is € 90,=.  All rates are including a MP3 recording of your Soulbreath & Integration session, that will be send to you by email afterwards. In case you would like to book 3 or more sessions at once, for a longer period of intensive guidance, a special price of €60,= per 90 minutes session will apply.



  • "Dear Erno, I just wanted to share with you that yesterday's soulbreath session has brought me so much! I am fully present in my life again and feel different. I am full of inspiration, enthusiasm, energy and curiosity. So, I am ready for new creations that come from joy! My deep gratitude for this, you truly do a fantastic job."

    A. October 2014
  • "Well, these have been very uplifting and meaningful days! This course gave me a deeper experience, more feelings and opening to who I really am. And then to feel how Maestro was with me that was a wonderful experience and gave me such a deep feeling of inner peace. I have a deeper relationship with him now and somehow I can easily feel his presence and also perceive his answers when we communicate. I realized a lot of things, which is still ongoing but I think this is already good as it is!!!"

     N.I. October 2014