Compassie in actie – Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat – 13-15 Juni 2014

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Location Almere (Flevoland) Netherlands The retreat will be offered by the Soulbreath Team – Kata Szenasi & Erno van Doesselaar What is compassion? Where does it come from? Is it an abstract quality that inspires us, or is it a way of living? What does it exactly mean to love ourselves and others? How can acceptance be not just a passive way of being but also a lively flow inside of us that creates movement and the events of our life? After having heard from many corners of our existence how important it is to love ourselves we can now take a breath and feel what it truly means in all of our cells? How does our life reflect our selflove or the lack of it? How can I embrace more of that mysterious self love that sometimes seems to be there and other times not at all? How can I grow in love…and grow love in my life? How can I become love..fully and allow even the seemingly not so attractive parts to be loved? How can I release suffering…and how can I stop harming myself? How can I attract more love and experiences filled with more love and fulfil joy in my life? How can I heal myself? We will dive into this ocean of love and acceptance during our 3 full days…opening new windows and doorways to love in our body, mind and heart. Supported by deliciously nurturing & deeply transformative yin yoga practices , by mindfulness practices and soulbreath sessions. Join us for a soulful, overall nurturing and soothing journey to lead you back to your precious heart and peacefulness. “As you finally found the Love in your heart..comes peace…as you found peace within… stillness and fulfilment emerges in All.” Program 13 June Friday : 11:00-18:00 14 June Saturday: 11:00-18:00 15 June Sunday: 11:00-18:00 Price: €280 euros/person Vegetarian organic lunch : €30 euros extra for the 3 days. Location: Almere Stad close to the central station. For more information contact us in mail: For accomodations nearby contact us in mail To register contact us here for payment details: What is Yin Yoga? A calming style of Yoga that connects us with our receptive nature, the natural healing and rejuvenative qualities of our body are activated trough deep stretches that we hold for 3-5 minutes. Trough the poses, that do not require any previous yoga training as there are many ways to make the poses accessible for all level of mobility, we activate in a non aggressive way the flow of energy in the meridians. And by doing so our body gets new nurturing, fresh energy , while the mind simply rests into our inner stillness. We learn to listen to our bodies, respect our own limitations and constitution, and access a new non-reacting attitude…Trough Yin Yoga many health issues can be gently healed, and nervous system imbalances are shifting into a stable contentment. What is Mindfulness? Is a buddhist way of becoming present in our bodies, practicing awareness in a loving kind way, without self-judgment, becoming aware of our emotions, patterns, and our mind states that are taking us out of the present moment. While we learn to recognise those, we have the choice to commit to be fully present, and stoping hurting ourselves, letting go of our sufferings to embrace our loving warm wholeness. What is the Soul Breath? Trough the Breath we can connect to our divine essence..allowing that inner essence to flow into your Body, and your Life, it washes away the sufferings and blockages of the human existence to open up to embrace your divinity. Your Limitless potentialities for Joy and Fulfilment, your inner Wisdom can finally shine trough and be Yours! About us Kata has been on the journey of awakening since her teens, learned healing therapies such as reiki,massages, different breathing technics, and trainings to increase awareness ever since. Yoga became one of her biggest passion, as it can help the process of embodiment of our sacred energies and potentialities. She has been training with her main teacher Shiva Rea (Prana Flow Yoga) for years, and lately she also embraces the teaching and the integrated approach of Sarah Powers and Ty Powers ( Yin Yoga and Mindfulness) trough trainings and silent retreats. Sharing her knowledge, experiences and practice abroad and in the Netherlands, with her Partner and Soul Mate Erno van Doesselaar is her heart passion.Erno has been on his journey since his childhood as well. Learning to live with high sensitivity. He followed trainings for integrative bodywork, intuitive massage, reiki, nlp, channeling and various breathings as well, as for self empowerment rising consciousness. His biggest passion is to share about his journey with his he has been communicating and consciously breathing with his Soul for many years now and that truly changed his Life. Lately he also developed a passion for conscious movement and Yin Yoga.Together with Kata they Love to embrace their divine Love fully day by day in this Earthy life, and share the gifts that they are blessed to unwrap, to inspire others to open up for their true potentials, to live a creative, joyful and authentic life.

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