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Februari 2016:  Conscious Breath & Creation Weekend Workshop


Once we connect deeper with our conscious breath, a new reality opens up within us. A place where we can start to realise who we really are. From there a new journey begins… we become more more present in our bodies, more grounded and in the same time we become more aware of all our senses. Feeling more and more your own wisdom, your own truth, your intuition, your passion, your joy and unconditional love for you.

From that consciousness, that frequency we invite you to start to consciously create your life.
By receiving your conscious, soulful breath you will be able to clearly feel what is limiting you, what is no longer expressing you, what is holding you back on your path towards blossoming.
And trough the same breath,  by raising your awareness and entering that space of acceptance, you will be able to release all these patterns, habits and blockages.

During this weekend we will be together in this soulful energy.
There will be at least two Soulbreath breathing sessions each day, to deepen your practice & understanding and  to create new space in you for yourself.
We will share inspiring messages, experiences, and tools to become more centered, settled into your own Core & Soul.
And there will be plenty of space for questions and answers.

The workshop will be presented by Erno & Kata van Doesselaar, yoga teachers, breath therapists, who have been embracing the Soulbreath for about 10 years , separately and together as well. It truly did change their life, making it much easier, better flowing, more harmonious and loving. They are both very passionate about sharing this Breath in sessions, workshops and even Breath therapist trainings.

Dates and times:
Saturday & Sunday February 2016
From 13.00 – 18.00

Entrance Fee:
€175,- p.p. including thee/coffee
Please notice that if you have been attending any of our Soulbreath or Yoga Workshop before you get € 25 discount!!


Albertus Perkstraat 5, Hilversum

There is a maximum of 10 participants.

Click here to book and register online

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