Soulbreath Vraag en Antwoord channel 19 Februari 2013

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Deze channels zijn transcripten van Engelstalige Live channels die eerder zijn uitgezonden op Soulbreath Radio.

Soulbreath Live ‘Questions & Answers’ Channel met Kuthumi lal Singh & Isis gechanneled door Erno van Doesselaar & Kata van Doesselaar ( Szenasi ) Soulbreath Radio Show 19 Februari 2013 (1:03:35) Kuthumi lal Singh (door Erno): Namaste my dear, dear friends. Oh dear ones, yes, it is I, Kuthumi lal Singh. I’m here with you. I came here to you on this special beautiful evening in February… hmmm (enjoying…)… I came here to join you in this meeting. I came here to join each one of you, to truly be present with you… to welcome you in this group, in this circle in this meeting, in this gathering… to welcome you here to be really, really open, receptive and joyful… You know, some of you sometimes wonder where I am and sadly enough that is because sometimes you got so serious that you could not feel and perceive my joy… So in this moment I truly came to each one of you to celebrate you… to celebrate you having a body, to celebrate you being present here in this life in this magical 2013… a year that many of you sometimes have already cursed, but guess what, it doesn’t really work in this new consciousness, does it?! It just bounces off, it doesn’t do anything. And this new consciousness, this indeed new crystalline energies that are present this year, they just keep flowing and flowing and flowing… And that my dear ones, that is why sometimes you got so many older energies coming to the surface, old memories coming to the surface… old ideas came back and you were in a place of not really knowing what to do, and suddenly your mind said “You know what, remember about 3 years ago when we started painting and then we stopped… Let’s just do that again, that was quite fun, let’s do it”… It’s just an example of how these older energies from the past are passing by and saying “Hello, hello. You not going to play with us? You not going to do anything with us? What’s happening?”… Some parts and pieces of you got a bit nervous with all this new crystalline. It is exciting, isn’t it?! For us it is, it truly is! Because I cannot give you any clear predictions anymore, I do not even want to, but I can’t because this new era is so fresh, it’s got such a different consciousness, it can shift any moment for you. I can look at you now and see what your mental perceptions are of your day and what you would like to continue today after this channel and what you would like to do tomorrow and the day after, your tasks… but I can at the same time see this sparkle in you, this sparkling, awakening essence in you, because your essence feels the presence of this new crystalline energy… and it wants to play too. It’s not just this crystal chillin’ that you feel, it is your soul, YOUR SOUL that says “Hey, come on, let’s play!”… There is a whole new territory here; there is a whole new unlimited place where you can create whatever you want. So, get up! Get out of bed differently than you do usually and create a new experience for you… something truly new. Take a different walk. Talk to the neighbor that you really don’t like but just do it for the fun of it. Truly allow yourself to radiate that joy that is initially within you… that is initially within your essence, in your soul, and is just waiting there… You know, you wonder why I’m always so joyful, why I come in with such an amount of joy and bubbles and why my channelers always have such a grin, such a smile on their face and they radiate so much… It is because living, true living is pure joy, my dear ones, it truly is! And this joy is also in you, it’s also within your essence and right now it truly wants you to do something with that. It truly wants you to embrace that. It wants you to include it in your daily life, to include it in your wishes, in your choices and your creations, it really wants! Some of you have perhaps felt that if you are staying a bit longer in these older energies that are passing by, you get tired, you get drained… Because in a sense, what does this new consciousness do this year? It creates an even bigger clarity. It kind of… it enlarges the differences, it truly does. That doesn’t mean it creates a bigger duality in your life. It just means it creates a clarity in your life where you can truly feel that if you move on, if you stay with some old stories that came back because some aspects or past life experiences brought it to you, it will feel more intense… and yes, you will feel it more physically… But in the same time you can make that shift into the joy of your essence. You can make this shift into you and once you are there, you can feel that so clearly. You can feel how it’s then filling you with joy, with laughter, with new energy, with inspiration, to truly create for you something that you love… that you feel this is giving you fulfillment, this is giving you a sense of a homecoming… because now you listen to your heart, to your true heart and soul presence that is calling from within, that says “Yes, and now I choose to create freely, abundantly, without any limitations”… And you know what, all of you have been used to push yourself forward, to move yourself forward… because you felt this heavy mass consciousness around… you felt so many energies last year… such a thick energy of resistance was present last year… and right now, when you are truly here in this bliss of your heart and soul, you can feel there is no resistance at all. It’s not there! And then you can just slide, slide on that wave that you create with your breath. You can just slide on it… it’s true, it’s really true! These new dynamics this year, they really, really invite you to slide easily… but that only happens when you are truly allowing yourself to feel your essence and to slide on that wave of your essence… when you dare to let go of this mental layer that is present… Indeed for some of you it became quite a struggle for a while this year because your old mind… You can even say there were Atlantean layers that had to come to the surface because they were still not released. But when they come to the surface and you don’t make your choice about what you want to do with it… if you want to play with it… if you want to process them until they go away – which could take an endless time, by the way… or if you make your choice for you, out of love for you, out of compassion for you, out of pure honor for you, out of commitment to your soul, to your desire to experience this joy in your life…You know, when you go there, this shift is very easy and very fast… and yes, in some moments there is a period of integration where you can find that this older layers keep coming back, but then, when you are clear about your presence and your connection to your soul, they know where they need to go… they know where they can find their home. It’s such a blessing, my dear ones! But I know some of you are still resisting of what I’m saying because you say “Ah, dear Kuthumi, it cannot be that easy. It truly cannot be that easy”… And I have to be a bit funny with you… I want to tickle you behind your ears and on your arms and say “Is that truly what you want to believe? Do you really want to believe that?”… Phew, that’s boring. That’s really boring, listening to a voice that tells you something not joyful, that is still connected to surviving, effort, processing… still connected to a dog that has to run and run and sit and roll over and do all kind of commands and then it gets its little bone… Boring! “Or are you ready, are you truly ready to really receive that deep, deep joy in you, from you essence, from your soul? Are you ready to create with that? Truly?”, because that is the question for each one of you, if you are truly ready to create with that… I know you have questions my dears, I know you do, and before I’ll answer a few of them, I want you to really feel this: “Are you truly ready to really allow your soul, your essence, to be fully present with you, and to go with that joy?”… And as you can feel, it’s a joy of love, of calmness, of inspiration, of creation… but it’s calm, it’s here, it’s now. And you are the one who can play with this, who can really allow this joy in your life, in your body and who can play with this and feel how much you can handle… It sounds funny what I say but it’s true, because even though living in pure joy is the most natural thing to do, you still have to get used to it… because there has been such a long era of the mind on all these earthly incarnations and there is still so much present of that right now… But the good news is, it’s not yours anymore, dear friends, it truly is not! So I come back to my core message right now “Are you ready to truly, truly receive that pure joy in you?” Thank you very much, my dears, and I would love to just answer two of your questions… Could you give me one, my dear Kata?… By the way, Kata, you know that I’m with you many times and I would love to dance with you even more. If you could make some more time for me to be present with you and to truly be with you, that would be such bliss… Kata: Ok… but I’m very busy… 🙂 I have a big, long waiting list… but I try to remind me of that… Question 1: Please tell us about twin flames. Thank you. Kuthumi: Oh…hmmm… Namaste dear one, that’s a very interesting question… I have the feeling you are interested in this twin flames topic as you are looking for yours, aren’t you?! You are wondering where your true twin flame is, where your true love is… when you going to find it, when you going to dance with him or her… what is it truly about? It’s a good question. Many things have been written about it and in the same time also not so much has been written about it… You know, a twin flame is a term for meeting someone that you feel deeply connected to… that you feel so connected to that you can truly go back to the origin of creation… because there is a sense of feeling and also a remembrance that even then you were together… And at some moment, when all these angels including you went on their journeys, you also split up. You went on both on your individual journeys, but there was always a connection between the two of you. Between each lifetime there was a connection between the two of you. You didn’t meet in all the lifetimes but in quite some… in most of them you did… and that’s how you really kept this strong connection going on. And for some of you, in this lifetime, you meet each other… and more and more of you are finding their soul mates… or their twin flames… you can call it twin flame… I don’t care how you call it, as long as you understand one thing: You are not dependent on the other one on how you move in your life, on how you create your life, on how you go to your fulfillment. There is no dependency. There is just another similarity; there is a deep, deep sense of connection. And for the ones of you who do meet their twin flame, who have this deep sense of homecoming, truly coming home together… and then some moments you get a challenge… and I have to smile here because I know my channeler got it for himself… you get a challenge because you feel such a homecoming together but still it is about you, it’s about you also being with you and being home with you… and sometimes the homecoming together can feel so good that it’s a bit difficult to let go of each other… it can be a bit difficult to be together and in the same time live individually your life, to be your own sovereign one, the one that you truly are… So this… it has a lot of dynamics this twin flame subject… Some of you say, it is the ideal relationship… the best thing that you can meet… and perhaps for some of you it is or it will be… but for others of you it will be perhaps too much, because it is very intense… There is something I really would love to share with you about this. I have shared in my lives many, many romances and many marriages, many relationships where I felt truly honoring my goddess, truly honoring my wife, truly honoring the romantic relationship that I was in. It was so beautiful. And I also had an opportunity to meet the one that I met through many lifetimes in my last lifetime… you could call it twin flame perhaps… It was a very, very intense experience and a very beautiful experience… but in the same time it always contained these dynamics of being utterly together and then seemingly separate although not separate, but there is always this waving of coming home together and coming home in yourself… being this sovereign one, creating your joy, your passion and being the one that you love to be together… there is always this dance. So it’s a pretty intense dynamic, but it’s beautiful. I can recommend it to anyone who truly wishes to experience love in its deepest, most profound way… it truly is! So thank you for your question. I could talk hours and hours about this. And as the last part of this topic I would like to share something more. You know, there are also some of you who truly did not choose to meet their twin flame and then comes the question “Does everybody have one?” In a sense yes, you do, but you do not always choose to meet. You see, sometimes you meet another soul mate… another one that you know that you feel deeply connected to… that is so much supporting your way of living right now and there is such a deep love together, such an understanding together because you know you have been doing this together before and you will feel it, even in this lifetime, you do it one more time because that’s what you chose for you… to experience this calmness, this known deep, deep love together… and that can serve you as much as for somebody else can be the experience of a twin flame… So my dear ones, please understand, it is first of all about trusting you. Trusting the choice for you to truly fall in love with you and then to experience that beautiful love in a pure essence way with the other one that you create, that you choose to be in your life for you… and the other one who wants to meet you. Again, I could write books about this and perhaps I would urge one of my channelers to do this in the future. It’s a very beautiful topic and I have so much to say about it. Thank you, my dear one. I can handle another short question I guess, but I don’t want to take over the whole space from you, my dear one… Kata: Oh, ahhh… it’s also up to Erno… anyway… there is s question about the current energies, about some physical symptoms and illnesses, about extreme tiredness lately… What can you say about that? Kuthumi: Hmmmm… Namaste, dear one. Thank you for your question. And yes… let me take a deep breath with you…You have been experiencing quite some energies surrounding you lately, quite some interesting energies. Energies that came from the past towards you and some family energetics around you from your family… and as your body got more sensitive this year – I don’t know if you truly became aware of this? – you remember your fit shape… the way you feel health and you felt good… the way you felt a few months ago… the way you felt some moments last year when you were in the sunshine or when you were running or when you were in your healthy comfort zone… let’s call it like that… And this year suddenly things shifted and it got you quite pondering, it got you quite wondering like “What the hell is going on?”… This year the dynamics are so different than last year, so they brought up a layer in you that was time to be let go of… a layer of effort, a layer of survival in you that your body was carrying within it… But in this new energy, in this new dynamics of this new era, it is not supported anymore and naturally it starts to feel heavy… It started to feel heavy on your body and on you… And in the same time your body got more sensitive because the energetics are lighter now. It’s different. There is a huge opening that is available for each one of you every day. So there are two dynamics going on with you. On one hand there came this increasing heavy feeling from those older layers that came back… from this tiredness in your body which was connected to your survival that needs to be let go of… and on the other hand your body got more sensitive… So you got it double and you really wondered like “What’s going on? Why do I feel this? Why do I have to become ill?” My dear one… hihihi… I want to say something to you and I hope it’s going to feel good, perhaps not… Just have a bit more patience! You really had the most part of this, but I’m really asking you for a bit more patience because you are going through a big shift… you know you could call it a transition in your DNA, because your body is really shifting into this new dynamics, it really is! And then truly realizing, truly realizing that you can let go of the idea that you are doing something wrong, because these are all connecting to the Atlantean consciousness that has been around you and that is now coming to the surface, that wants to be let go of… but before an energy goes out of your life, it needs your commitment… your commitment to you, my dear one, your commitment to choosing you, choosing your joy – as I stated in the beginning of this message to choosing the joy from your essence – and to truly go for that… no longer being busy with everything that you’ve felt… And do not allow that to affect the trust in you, the trust in your body. Your body is simply shifting, so nurture it. Nurture it with some nice cups of tea, some incense, some bathing, some massage, some sweet love making… nurture it truly in every way! And just trust that if you choose from your soul essence to be in your joy and to simply let go and to say to those energies around you that were so intense “Thank you. I no longer need you. Bye bye, so long”, and just stay with you in that pure consciousness of you and allow it to shift. I can tell you, it’s around the corner! Perhaps right now you feel like “Oh my god, how long will it take?”… But it will take very fast! Some moment with a “click” it is shifted and then it’s gone… Just in this moment, let go my dear one. You’ve been struggling and fighting enough, it’s time to let go of that one. Thank you! Ahhh… I love always to do this Q&A because it just gives an opportunity for the other one to receive an even bigger gift… to receive even more. Sometimes I feel you’re getting annoyed with me but in the same time it’s such a gift to go into an in depth exchange with you… and that is why – I’m going to surprise you, I’m going to really surprise you – that’s why I’m going to invite you, all of you who are listening right now, to feel for you: What was this question that you secretly had with you today, that you didn’t send in, that you didn’t dare to ask? What is that question? Can you feel that for a moment? Can you give that one to you? Can you truly allow yourself to feel that? And then allow this solution to come to you for that… just because you’re trusting you and you dare to let go of it… But first of all it’s time to acknowledge this question that has been with you, to truly look at it, to feel it so that it can be truly heard and then allow the solution to come in. My dear ones, I’m going to keep it short today because I feel this feminine presence around me… I feel this goddess presence around me…. and I love goddesses… and I adore Isis as well… I know she is here and she wants to share something with you too… I would love to share more with you but I guess that will have to be next month. Namaste, dear ones. It’s I, Kuthumi lal Singh and you will surely feel me in between now and the next time… Kata: Thank you Kuthumi and thank you Erno! …And now breathe and feel the energies of Isis coming in… Erno: So, the first question to you, dear Isis: “I often heard the advices, follow your heart and especially your passion, and as somebody who is really into experiences, I think it is a beautiful advice, but the practice of my life still shows a lot of frustration and grief. I would really appreciate it if you would shine some light onto this topic, why I experience a lot of frustration and a lot of grief with following my heart and my passion… Isis (door Kata): My dear one, welcome. It is me, Isis, from the depth of the blue, coming to you tonight as the one that you trust in this moment… that you trust enough to ask a deep, deep question from your heart. Thank you for your trust… And thank you for this moment that you share with your soul… So often you were dreaming about your soul, you were dreaming about a more joyful life, about a more passionate life, but it felt like something distant, something very, very far away, something that you cannot reach from the point that you are at… that you have to wait for that… that you have to finish first some unresolved issues… that you have to resolve some stories, to end them… and then you might have a relieve that enables you to get in contact with your soul… There are many things to share about your question. There are many levels and layers of that question that you asked and thank you again for being so honest with yourself. It is not always easy to admit that we have sadness, that we have grief in our heart… when on the surface we seem to be pretty happy and it seems to be that we have a nice life with some nice people around… and still we carry sadness… That is often happening here on earth and people get confused about it… and then they suppress it… and they think they do something wrong… and then they get guilty because they feel that the other person that they are living with is doing everything good, everything fine, and sill they do not feel fulfilled, they still do not feel fully happy with that person… and at least they think it’s perhaps about the relationship or something on a deeper level, a deeper problem… So tonight I came indeed here to you in all honor and compassion to, first of all, celebrate this moment where you truly allowed yourself to feel that feeling… because that is always the starting of a healing process, when you allow yourself to admit that you have parts that are feeling sad, feeling hurt, feeling frustrated, feeling hopeless, feeling even lonely within…deep, deep within you… But I am here to say that those parts of you are all in connection to some past experiences as you’ve felt yourself that it’s surely coming from somewhere else, not originated from this present moment nor of this present relationship… no, no, no… It’s indeed connected to your childhood and it’s indeed connected to some unresolved past experiences… lifetimes that you couldn’t really close in a blissful way… where you couldn’t let go of some traumas, angers frustrations and limitations that you carried… So, right now, this is just a bit of information about why you feel what you feel… and now I’m going to jump into how you can shift it… how you finally can find your joy… how you finally can find your love within and your peace within your heart and feel that you really have a home within your heart and you really have a home with your sweet partner… First of all, it is good for you to notice that it all depends on the different situations that you are in. So there are some situations that are triggering you some memories from the past, where those parts of you that feel sad, that feel hopeless, desperate and frustrated are indeed invited to come to the surface, because a similar situation is happening in your life now… So that is the start of the integration… and I’m inviting you to feel, in which situations those feelings are coming up… Just be aware of the situations, when those feelings are arriving… and what are perhaps the connections that you immediately can feel… if you allow yourself to become conscious about those reactions. Just ask yourself: “Where do they come from”… And then, as you have the understanding, you will be able to choose if you want to stay with that feeling… or if you see that those feelings are not expressing your present moment, that they are coming from your past… So with a deep breath you can just bless them and you can just allow them to find their solutions… and to choose – express your truth – choose what you want to experience here and now, in this now moment. This is one thing that I would love to advise you, to suggest you… The other thing is: You are truly committed to find indeed your hearts path… to find indeed your passion… and you express it many times. And with that commitment, with that choice, you started your journey towards the center of your heart, you started your journey towards the center of your passion, so that you really, really get in contact with your source, with your passionate source… that’s what you want to awaken, that’s clear… that’s clear for me and that’s clear for the whole universe… And just with that choice you triggered those parts of you that were in a way kind of covering your way towards your path… So those were the parts of you that got wounded in a similar topic, connected to heart, connected to passion… and they were just simply showing up as they felt “Oh, the topic is again on stage, so we have to go there, we have to express our truth, what we experienced when it was again about heart and passion, so that our dear friend doesn’t go there again”… So, just know that this is just the first layer that you meet on the journey that you started towards your passion and heart, but because you took them so damned serious, they just ticked with you… So I invite you to feel that this is just a layer and the more you choose to discover the passion, the more you choose to discover your true, true heart’s passion, your soul’s passion, you will trigger… you will ignite those parts that are kind of your shadowy parts… that are in a way hiding your pulsing, pulsing passionate light from you. So know that these are not your main parts… these are not the leading actors, to be honest, those are actors that are just the crowd… you know, the crowd, it is not the main thing… So that is where you got confused as you thought that it’s your main topic… but it’s just a layer… And when you allow yourself to experience it as a layer and not take it so damned serious as you took it, but just like “Ok, this is just a memory. This is just a layer. Let’s just breathe through it and let’s just choose again that I still choose to go for my passion, to discover my passion, to have the guidance to find my passion, to allow my soul to show me my passion in an easy way”… those shadowy layers just gonna surrender. So just feel how they can surrender. Don’t confront yourself with them. This is my next suggestion to you. And I think with those two suggestions you will be quite busy in the next couple of weeks. So that’s for now my message to you, my dear one. And thank you again for being such a bold one, to express this deep, deep feeling of you that you felt a bit guilty about and you felt really confused about. But once again, there is nothing wrong about you. Thank you! Erno: Thank you dear Isis! We don’t have so much time left but perhaps we can shortly do another question… There are some more left but we can’t do everything tonight… Question: Why do my often big creations look different when I meet them in my life, then the way I chose to create them? Sometimes it confuses me. I trust on what is happening, that’s what I do, but then suddenly I end up in some conflicting situations that I truly didn’t wish for and I don’t understand how my original creation got there. Isis: Thank you, my dear one, for your question as well. Indeed I can feel how we have a short amount of time, so the answer has to be quite focused this time. I’m going to share my insight with you, my dear one, if you are willing to welcome me in your home as well, perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow… Just feel my presence and allow yourself to receive a more in-depth, a more wider answer… a multidimensional answer for you. And for now I would just tell you that… you have a basically… it’s a problem of… problem or not problem… but your topic is grounding. How much you are present in your body. How much you feel stable in your body. How much your presence is solid and stable here. And how much you are open to all kind of energies… and then a bit less present… ant then how much sometimes you get impatient with your creation… I would definitely invite you to do a bit more work with your body… to do a bit more kind of deepening your creations by taking a couple of deep breaths when you create something, to really stay with the feeling of what you truly want to create… to come back every day, asking yourself “What do I really want to create?”… Not with your mind… try to feel into what you want to create… and when you have an idea, then come back next day, in the same way through your feelings, and say “Ok, how do I feel today about the thing that I felt yesterday so enthusiastic about”… So, I’m inviting you to spend a bit more time with each idea that you have… and to breathe a bit, to feel into it… and then breathe a bit again… relax a bit and then feel into it again… Just take it as a play, as an experience, a playful experience, to go in-depth into feeling… Because when you have a clear choice, coming from your heart and you are present because you are relaxed and you really allow yourself time to feel, really feel what is the highest joy, what is really nurturing for you, what is really good for you… Not just for your mind but for your heart and for your whole being… What is supporting you?… Because, that is also a beautiful topic, why did you create something? Feel for you: what is your intent for that creation? Which part of you do you want to satisfy with that? Is it coming from a nurturing place that you really want to gift yourself something that is really giving you rejuvenation, nurturing, love, joy and only this? Or are there some other goals that are perhaps a bit more changing… like the weather in the country there, where you live… So, I’m really inviting you to feel your intent with your creation… And what is your feeling of what you want to create right now? And then come back to it each day… And when you feel like “Ok, you know, since three days I have the same feeling. It still feels amazing. It still feels nurturing. It still feels beautiful. I feel joy with it and I feel calm, sweet nurturing calmness, then just say a big YES to it and allow it to expand. And then invite the supporting energies, invite your soul and invite the human support as well… and allow it to unfold… But allow it freedom, gift it with freedom, because it might take a different form, but the essence will be the essence that you’ve felt and that you said yes to it. This was my short answer for you, my dear one. Thank you! Erno: Thank you dear Isis… <3 To listen to this channel or any other previous channels from Kata & Erno, please visit Soulbreath radio show: Please Note: It is not allowed to alter or edit any of these contents. If you want to use this channel or parts of it, the author’s name and websites have to be included. © Copyrights 2014 – Soulbreath– All rights reserved

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